Discover OUARGLA

The old Ksar of Ouargla

With its architectural style to this day, is still a testament to the historical and cultural depth that characterizes an important part of the history and authenticity of Ouargla and one of the most beautiful man-made Ksour in the desert it 600 years ago, which represents a vivid image and creativity of desert architecture creations.

Ouargla Oasis

Located in the south-east of Algeria, the Ouargla basin is one of the largest in the Desert, it measures 30 km in length and 12 to 18 km in width. Its height is between 103 and 150 meters above sea level, and it extends between two hills, the first bordering it to the west, its height 230 meters, and the second to the east, with a height of about 160 meters.

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