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Old medina, long history

Coming from the East, from Andalusia, stopover for Yemeni caravaneers, from Sudan, … Or even refuges of the soldiers of the last king of Cordoba Abou Badil, the Banou Hillal, the Banou Hammad, the Baghdadis and the Kouroughlis… It is said that Bou Saâda would have been built in the 13th century by migrant Berber Gétules or in the 15th century by Catholics, following the Spanish Reconquista of Andalusia. It is also said that this city, renowned for its arts and its scholars around the world, came out of the ground with the advent of the vassals of Algiers. So many things and so many stories that make all the magic of ouled nails, the mysteries of the city of happiness

The Etienne Dinet Museum

Inaugurated in 1993, the museum is adjoining the residence of the painter whose name is closely linked to the city of happiness. Out of love for Bou Saâda, Etienne Dinet chose to live and be buried there, alongside his best friend Hadj Slimane Ben Brahim. It is with him that Dinet will write several books on Islam as well as his will written in Arabic. The visitor will discover in this museum, quantities of paintings to admire.

The domain of the powerful Lalla Zineb (zaouiate El Hammel)

At the foot of Mount Omrane, on two hills, surrounded by mountains, El Hammel was built in the 11th century. The culminating zaouia at the top gives you the impression that time has no hold on the place. That the soul and spirit of Layla Zineb friend of Isabelle Eberhardt are present in every corner of the fortress.

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