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The Djémila site is located 50 km northeast of the city of Sétif. Known by its ancient name Cuicul, the site of Djémila is an establishment of an ancient Roman colony founded during the reign of Nerva (96-98 AD). The Roman city occupied a remarkable defensive site. Cuicul is one of the jewels of Roman architecture in North Africa. Having complied remarkably with the constraints of the mountainous site, a rocky outcrop which stretches, at an altitude of 900 m, between the Guergour wadi and the Betame wadi, two mountain torrents, the city had its own senate and its forum . Towards the beginning of the 3rd century, it overflowed its ramparts with the creation of the temple of Septimius Severus, the arch of Caracalla, the market and the civil basilica. The site was also marked by a Christian imprint materialized by several buildings of worship: a cathedral, a church and its baptistery considered among the largest of the early Christian period. The Djémila site includes a remarkable collection of mosaic pavements, illustrating mythological stories and scenes of daily life.

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