Discover TIMGAD “The Roman Ruines”

In a mountainous site of great beauty, north of the Aurès massif, 480 km south-east of Algiers, and 110 km south of Constantine, Timgad offers the perfect example of a military colony. Roman created ex nihilo. The Colonia Marciana Traiana Thamugadi, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded in the year 100 of our era by Trajan, probably to serve as a camp for the 3rd Legion Augustus which, thereafter, was quartered in Lambèse. The very rigorous plan illustrates the principles of Roman town planning at its peak. The rapid growth of the city led, from the middle of the 2nd century, to breaking up the narrow framework of the primitive foundation. Timgad grew outside the ramparts and major public buildings were built in the new districts: capitol, temples, markets, thermal baths. Most date from the time of the Severans, when the city experienced its golden age, as evidenced by huge private residences.

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