Discover Constantine “Cirta

The old Town 

The historic heart of Constantine, its casbah, a tangle of alleys, districts, shopping streets, shops, tables, old buildings in ruins, others that seem to resist time. Stairs, descents, climbs, dead ends, mosques, Zaouïas…

El Kantara Bridge

It is the oldest access road, already from Roman times. And the only one that existed when the French arrived.
It was in ruins when Salah Bey decided to restore it and entrusted it to Bartholemeo, a Maltese architect in 1792.
But on March 18, 1857, the bridge collapsed, after the passage of a detachment of infantry from the French army.
In 1863, under the reign of Napoleon III, its Re-restoration began.
It was officially inaugurated only in 1867. And two years later, during the construction of the current station on the remains of the Roman amphitheater, a horse-drawn steamroller broke through the deck of the bridge and fell into the abyss.

The suspension bridge of Sidi M’cid

I don’t have a favorite bridge, but this one is a very nice spot in the city. Below, above, you will make very beautiful photos.
164m long, 5.70m wide, it was inaugurated on April 12, 1912. The Sidi M’cid bridge rises 175m above the waters of the Rhumel wadi. It connects the city to the hospital.

The Sidi Rached Bridge

Completed at the same time, Sidi Rached was inaugurated on the same day as the Sidi M’cid bridge. At the other end of the gorge. Gigantic viaduct of 447 meters, carried by twenty-seven arches raised to a height of 107 meters. As we like the bidding and the records, it is said that it is the highest stone bridge, but I believe that it was during its construction. It connects the city to the station, To your photos!

The Perregaux Footbridge (Mellah Slimane or Elevator Bridge)

1925. The suspended footbridge is a mini Sidi M’cid, reserved for pedestrians, it swings, you can feel it underfoot, it’s really for the bravest! I lied, this is my favorite bridge, dizzying and not figuratively speaking!
The War Memorial
An arch that triumphs at the top on the rock of Sidi M’cid. It stands over 200m high, paying tribute to the 800 men who died during the First World War. A hundred names inscribed on the bronze.

The Mosques

Constantine has a hundred mosques that you can explore.
We were able to see the Zawiya and the Medersa of Sidi El Kettani, the Great Mosque, which is certainly the oldest religious building in the city. Without forgetting the mosque of Emir Abdelkader with the Islamic and science university. If you have time, do more! It is the city of the ulama,

Cirta Museum

This museum was built in 1930 and houses a rich collection of 19th century Orientalist paintings, vestiges (Ancient, Numidian, Roman)

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